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February 2024

Meanwhile, please see list of projects hereunder:


ENG-1: Micro Electric/Chemical Propulsion Systems

ENG-2: Intelligent High-Performance Space Cameras

ENG-3: Wireless Power Transmission System for Exploratory Rovers and Flying Objects

ENG-4: Planetary Life Support Systems

ENG-5: Extended Reality Lab for Space Exploration

ENG-6: High-Frequency RF Components for WPT/SBSP Applications

ENG-7: Innovative Mission Concept for Space-based Solar Power (SBSP) Demonstration

ENG-8: Quantum Sensors for Compact Spaceborne Spectrometers

R-1: Space-based Assets for Sustainable Ground-based Applications

R-2: Nat Cat Mitigation Using Satellite and IoT Data

R-3: Artificial Intelligence for Downstream Applications


BK-1: Space Debris Peril: Pathways to Opportunities

BK-2: Artificial Intelligence for Space (AI4SPACE)