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Sirin Orbital Systems AG was featured in an article published in myScience.ch, entitled “Tinkering for waste collection in space“, describing the R&D efforts at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU), which is performed in cooperation with Sirin Orbital Systems AG. The project was initiated in early summer 2020, within a fruitful internal cooperation supported by Tokyo University of Science (TUS) and NIKON CORPORATION in Japan.

In this joint R&D effort carried out at The Competence Centre Intelligent Sensors and Networks (CC ISN) at HSLU, the development of a smart processor board that provides the possibility for real time detection and classification of space objects based on video image streams from a 2D matrix camera is investigated. A follow-on feasibility study is currently being carried out with the support of the European Space Agency, ESA Initial Support for Innovation (EISI). The final product is aimed to be a fully automated space-qualified camera for space objects detection and classification, with diverse applications such as active debris removal (ADR) missions.

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Tüfteln für die Müllabfuhr im Weltall (hslu.ch)